Lab Grounds
Visit from the old boss
Jun 6, 2010 8:21:34 GMT -6
Hunter Antonescu
Hunter Antonescu Avatar
The extensive grounds surrounding the main research complex; the land for two miles in all directions is owned by the Labs. Includes employee apartments, storehouses, and extensive parks and gardens with trails for employee use.
Front Desk & Lab Hallways
Tending Towards Tornadoes (Zephyr/Ghost)
Jun 12, 2011 22:13:23 GMT -6
Ghost Avatar
The maze of identical white corridors that forms the main complex of Mondragon Labs. Includes the Library, the Music Room, and the contents of all those other unlabeled doors.
Training Area
Brains Over Braun (Henrietta)
Dec 27, 2010 18:47:14 GMT -6
Henrietta Braun
Henrietta Braun Avatar
Functions a lot like the Danger Room and/or the Holodeck. There are several rooms, allowing for different people to run different simulations simultaneously. Judo class with the female secretaries is on Thursday. Be prepared to have your rear handed to the mat.
Ice cream and pickles (Martin)
Mar 9, 2011 17:43:50 GMT -6
Martin Stein
Martin Stein Avatar
Where the Lab employees go to eat. All of the food is prepaid for, so just take what you want. College cafeteria set up; the chefs take special requests, as well.
Apartments & Personal Rooms
Music for the Soul
Jan 27, 2009 18:22:07 GMT -6
Guest Avatar
Where the Lab guards, soldiers, researchers, and other live-in staff members sleep. The apartments are located mostly on the Lab Grounds. Some guest rooms are located within the main complex, however.
God, I swear...
Jan 16, 2009 13:14:46 GMT -6
Guest Avatar
Well staffed by skilled doctors and nurses; located in the main Labs complex.
Research Facilities & Dr. Ingram's Lab
Ghost of a Chance
Jun 13, 2011 18:52:10 GMT -6
Ghost Avatar
The actual labs at Mondragon Labs. The security levels vary depending upon what their staff is working on. Dr. Ingram's Lab requires proper authorization for access.
Board Room
Lime Green Squeaky Takeover
Sept 21, 2011 13:36:22 GMT -6
Lenna Avatar
Formerly the "War Room". Truly, such theatrics are not necessary. World domination really does speak for itself, with time.
Vehicle Bay
The Skeletons Depart
Jul 17, 2008 15:27:27 GMT -6
Guest Avatar
All manner of vehicles are located here, from cars to helicopters. Home of the Mondragon Labs' mechanical team.