The Street
This is Mine Now (Ambrose, Kirsi, Aura)
Nov 28, 2015 15:19:38 GMT -6
Aura Avatar
Outside The Sanctuary, where the great golden doors serve as a beacon to all baddies.
meetandhire (Aura/darkshift)
Jan 19, 2016 17:52:24 GMT -6
Shard Avatar
Inside the golden doors, this is where new baddies can sign up, continue through to the lower levels of the building.
Living Quarters
Becoming Less Human
Mar 18, 2014 16:36:16 GMT -6
Allison Avatar
Each mutant has their own living quarters, decorated as the occupant desires. There is no segregation between the genders. Each room has its own small bathroom.
Dining Hall
Third Time's the Charm? (Alli)
Sept 8, 2013 18:41:57 GMT -6
Allison Avatar
A cafeteria for the mutants, serving all main meals, and also the kitchen is free for mutants to make their own food as they please. Please talk with the dining hall staff if you have any special dietary requirements.
Recreational Area
Murderers Don't Get Cookies (Alli, Zeph)
Mar 3, 2014 21:34:36 GMT -6
Zephyr Avatar
A large room outfitted with sofas and tables. There are several televisions around the room, there are also two large pool tables. Mutants may bring their own forms of entertainment and furniture if they please.
Cutting-Edge Interview (Aura)
Aug 12, 2015 14:04:15 GMT -6
Jiri O'Leary
Jiri O'Leary Avatar
The library is adjacent to the recreational area. There is a diverse range of books to choose from, as well as ample working space with state of the art computers.
Off the Deep End (Open)
May 2, 2013 14:11:09 GMT -6
Ty Fisher
Ty Fisher Avatar
A place for mutants to work out. Inside is the latest gym equipment as well as a pool.
Aug 5, 2012 22:47:58 GMT -6
Zelek Avatar
This is were the injured or medically ill are treated by some of the best doctors and nurses.
War Room
Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It (Ty)
Mar 15, 2014 22:39:29 GMT -6
Lenna Avatar
Diabolical plans are hatched here. Invitation only.
Training Room
Learning the Hard Way
Nov 24, 2014 0:21:18 GMT -6
Isabel Avatar
It may be a bit less shiny and a bit more cobbled together than the Mansion's Danger Room, but it functions just the same. Stop by to train—there are no age restrictions. The training room takes up half of the second sub-level.
Vehicle Bay
Restoration, Repair (Richard/Syn then open?)
Nov 23, 2015 21:41:15 GMT -6
Richard Bent
Richard Bent Avatar
Where all occupants’ vehicles are kept while the stay in the sanctuary. Special vehicles are also kept here. There is also a workshop towards the back, for those mutants who like to tinker.
Faust Pharmaceuticals
Eviction Notice (Lori)
Dec 12, 2015 20:37:27 GMT -6
Panu Harmaajärvi
Panu Harmaajärvi Avatar
The off-site medical corporation under Order control.